What is your worship service like?

Our worship expression leans toward a more contemporary style of worship. During our service all families and individuals first gather together (adults, youth, and children) for a time of praise, offering, and prayer. After the greetings and announcements, children and youth are dismissed to their Sunday School so they can have a more age appropriate time of teaching whereas adults will remain in the main service to hear the Sunday message.


How should I dress?

Redeeming Grace does not have any official dress code and you can come as you are. Most people come dressed casually. All we ask is that people dress modestly since we are in a worship context and out of consideration for others.


Are you an ethnic congregation?

Most people in our congregation are English speaking Asian-Americans. However, we do not discriminate and welcome all who come. All our ministries are conducted in English.


Is Redeeming Grace affiliated with any particular Christian denomination?

Currently, we are not affiliated with any particular denomination and are considered an independent church. We are a biblically conservative church and adhere to traditionally orthodox and reformed doctrines of faith that have been handed down by the Church over generations of its existence. Go HERE to see our Statement of Faith.


What is your view on the role women in the Church?

Our church holds to a Soft Complementarian view of men's and women’s role in the home and in the Church Body. We believe that the excellencies of God can be more fully seen in the maleness and femaleness of God’s creation, and that both males and females bring unique and differing characteristics to the home and church. Apart from "headship roles" (except for exceptional cases), we believe women can and should lead effectively in ministry, utilizing their gifts and talents to build up God’s Church. We also believe that women (and men alike) can publicly proclaim the Gospel message under the supervision of the Elder Board of the church.


What are your views concerning the current cultural topics and issues?

Redeeming Grace is a biblically conservative church that generally holds to the orthodox traditional views of the Church on the "hot topic" issues of marriage, rights of unborn children, sexuality, racial diversity, money, and justice for the poor and needy. While we respect differing views, we also ask people to respect our views if they visit or attend our church. If you have more specific questions about our views, please feel free to contact us directly.


Does the church lean towards any particular political affiliation?

No. Political convictions are both very personal and secular in nature, and thus we don’t believe we can adhere to any particular political affiliations as a church body. We believe that personal political convictions should not deter God’s Church from the unity and fellowship we have in Christ, so we welcome all regardless of where you stand in the political spectrum. However, we will not pursue to push any political agenda, and we ask attendees of our church to refrain from doing so as well.